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The Dodd Memorial Library is a project of the Stuart C Dodd Institute for Social Innovation. The purpose of the project is to share the genius of Stuart C Dodd with the world. His intellectual legacy resides in the Special Collections of the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. Dodd willed his writings to the University upon his death in 1975. They reside in a series of file boxes that occupy about 110 linear feet of shelving at the U of W. The boxes contain his published books and articles, his unpublished books and articles, his correspondence, his notes, his working documents from his years as a college professor, the working papers from the Washington Public Opinion Library which he directed and other personal papers. The DML will consist of a series of volumes containing both Dodd's published and unpublished papers on a wide variety of topics.

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Dimensions of Cosmos
Near the end of his life, Stuart Dodd realized that he had been less than successful in spreading his ideas to the academic community. He created a booklet with a couple of his articles and samples of many of his theories and articles. This booklet was reproduced in a limited number of copies in the fall of 1974, about 1 year before his death. Gus Jaccaci and Rendall Letham found a copy of this booklet among Dodd papers in the 90s and made and distributed more copies. I have cleaned up many of the tables and diagrams from the original booklet for this volume. I also added an early draft of some of the ideas from 1965. I have also included the introductory paper that I was collaborating with Dodd on at the time of his death. There have been some formatting changes consistent with incorporating all of the articles into this single volume. The system that I used for re-creating Dodd equations alters the line spacing sometimes. There is still variation in the some of the formatting and some redundancy in the diagrams and tables appended to the included articles. I wanted to keep all of them in their original form as much as possible.
Fitness for Self-government
During my research on Dodd's materials, I came across a short article titled "Establishing Criteria For Self-Government" The article gave a brief overview of Dodd's work over several decades to create a set of criteria that could be used by colonial and occupying powers to judge when their charges were ready to be independent. I remember thinking that this subject is as relevant today as it was in the Thirties and Forties when Dr. Dodd was working on it. I was especially interested in tracking down the complete set of 350 criteria that was developed by one of his graduate students at the American University of Beirut in 1946. I contacted that school but they did not have a copy or any record of the article. Dodd mentioned an archive in the US where people could suggest important documents that should be preserved. I tried to track down that organization but could not find that it still existed. After more research, I was able to establish that it had changed its name and was still functioning. Unfortunately, they could not provide a copy of the paper. But they were able to give me a reference at the US Library of Congress and I was able to get the full article. I contacted the Library and ordered the document. All that they had was an abstract, scoring sheets, table of contents and the section that contained the list. There have been a number of international projects aimed at evaluating the excellence of governments and societies. As I read over the criteria for self government, it occurred to me that with minor alterations, it would be useful in evaluating any society, not just occupied countries seeking independence. It would be interesting to compare the different models that are currently in use for this purpose with the work of Stuart C Dodd and Felicia Fedorovicz detailed in this volume.
Horizons of Thought
Stuart Dodd never wrote a comprehensive biography. I have sifted through his archive and found a number of articles and items that contained biographical information. Unfortunately, the material that I found does not fall neatly into chronological order. There are gaps and overlaps. I thought it best to include as much as possible. I considered trying to construct a coherent third-person biography for Dr. Dodd but decided that, even though the result might be a bit confusing, I preferred to let Dr. Dodd speak for himself. His words contain such passion, humility, poetry and humor that I wanted to share them with the reader.
On Language
In mid-2007, Dick Spady attended a conference in the mid-west. During the conference, he contacted me by phone and said that he had been talking to one of the attendees who was working on artificial languages. Dick recalled that Stuart Dodd had written some papers on that subject and asked me for references. I delved into the our archive of hundreds of Dodd's papers and found 6 that were explicitly about language. Of course they were in different type faces and degrees of legibility so I reformatted them, cleaned them up and compiled this volume. I decided that the best way to organize the papers would be in chronological order so the reader could follow the evolution of Dodd's ideas. There is some overlap between the papers and redundancy in the information presented. But each paper does include unique content.
Pan Acts Theism
Stuart Dodd came from a very religious New England family. His grandfather was a missionary and his father was a medical missionary. Much of his youth was spent growing up in the Middle East in Beirut. He left at the age of 12 to join relatives in New England and he returned after his college education was complete. Lebanon (the Syria) was home to a number of major religions and many sects. While he was there, he joined in a brotherhood which created a book composed of the common elements of the different major religions. As he once said "That which unites us is greater than that separates us." All his life, he worked to reconcile his religious background with his scientific world view. 1. I begin the volume with a paper that he and I co-wrote just before his died as an overview and popularization of his framework of scientific theories. 2. Next I present his papers specifically dedicated to the development of his theory of Panacts- theism. 3. For the third section, I have collected all of his available general papers which relate broadly to the subject of religion, ethics and humanism. 4. I conclude this volume with a glossary of terms from his work.
Synthesizing Oneself, Society and Cosmos
Near the end of his career, Stuart C Dodd taught a college course that combined his theories on the individual, society and the cosmos. He was trying to show how the basic themes of his work could be shown to extend from the individual to the universe. He also wanted to give his students practical tools with which to deal with life. This collection of papers was brought together by Dodd as a reading list for the course.
Systemed Studies of Behavioral Sciences
This set of fourteen articles was republished in the form of microfilm in the Sociological Microjournal, Copenhagen, 1970. It was necessary to contact the University of Copenhagen in order to obtain copies of the articles.
Systemed Studies of Human Values
This book is compiled based on a table of contents found in the Dodd Archives at the University of Washington. Dr. Dodd contracted with a published in 1971 to produce 4 volumes containing papers around four broad themes in sociological research. This particular volume collected many of his papers on "human value" and was intended to be the first of the four volumes to be published. Unfortunately, the publishing company encountered financial difficulties and the contract was cancelled. These four collections of papers conceived by Dr. Dodd's near the end of his career were his attempt to present a broad view of his entire body of work. I begin this book with the outline for Volume 1 of Dodd's projected 4 volume set of books on his work.
Systemed Studies of Interactive Symbolizing: Volume 1
Systemed Studies of Interactive Symbolizing: Volume 2
This book was originally intended to be one of a set of four themed volumes covering the life's work of Dr. Dodd for publication by an academic publisher around 1970. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled. This particular volume collected Dodd's papers on Interactive Symbolizing.
Systemed Studies of Message Diffusing: Volume 1
Systemed Studies of Message Diffusing: Volume 2
This book was originally intended to be one of a set of four themed volumes covering the life's work of Dr. Dodd for publication by an academic publisher around 1970. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled. This particular volume collected Dodd's papers on Message Diffusing.
Systemed Studies of Opinion Polling: Volume 1
Systemed Studies of Opinion Polling: Volume 2
This book was originally intended to be one of a set of four themed volumes covering the life's work of Dr. Dodd for publication by an academic publisher around 1970. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled. This particular volume collected Dodd's papers on Opinion Polling.
Techniques for World Polling
This book was compiled by Dr. Dodd for a project that UNESCO commissioned from WAPOR. The intent was to create a guidebook for designing and conducting polls anywhere in the world.

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